Halt! Who Goes There?

Halt! Who goes there?
Halt! Who goes there?

Anyone can read On Pasture for free. And we can see from our website stats that there are tens of thousands of readers dropping by each month and you’re one of them. That’s great!

What would be even GREATER, is if you would share just a little bit of information about yourselves.  Why? Because Sponsors.

Sponsors can help us keep On Pasture going. 

Sponsors want to help us keep On Pasture going IF it serves the people they care about. So if you’ll fill out this short survey, we’ll have just the information we need to say, “Supporting On Pasture is important to the people you care about.”

It doesn’t take any more than 3 minutes to tell us:

Where you are
What you do
How long you’ve been at it
What you raise
Products you might be interested in
How On Pasture helps you

We have another fundraiser coming up this spring and we want to make it stress free for readers by having plenty of participating sponsors. Help us make it that way by filling out the survey and, bugging your friends to do it too!. The 3 minutes you’d spend on the survey goes a long way to keeping On Pasture strong for the future.  Thank you!!

EverythingsBetterOnPastureBumperStickerBy the way, if you join On Pasture, we’d be happy to send you a bumper sticker. You can join for only $12, which is less than 25 cents a week. Or, pick the level that fits your budget, and join today!

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