Young, and Wild, and THREE!

On Pasture just turned THREE!

Our official third birthday is March 21. It marks the date when we sent out our first issue of On Pasture in 2013. If you come and visit us anytime this week, we’ll bake a cake! If you’re staying home, have some cake there. Either way, we’re celebrating with you, because you are why we are here. Screenshot 2016-03-14 12.27.12Screenshot 2016-03-14 12.27.29

When we started up, three years ago, the youngest of the On Pasture kids wasn’t really talking, and now she won’t stop (NO IDEA WHERE SHE GETS IT). Kathy lived in Colorado, but now she’s in Arizona. And we had no idea where this would go. We had hopes. We had some plans. But now, with more than 50,000 readers stopping by every month, we’re just in awe of how the On Pasture Community keeps on growing, learning and sharing together.

Here are some other things that have changed in the last three years:

Readers are sharing more and more information with each other.

You can add your thoughts, questions and comments at the end of every article, and over the past three years, more and more of you are sharing. And what we’re REALLY excited about is how many of you have already sent responses to last week’s question from Grant who is starting a ranch from scratch. Your years of experience are hard earned and using the good and the bad you encountered to help those that follow is PRICELESS. Thank you for  sharing and if you haven’t had a chance – go here.

You’re asking more questions and telling us what you want to know.

Putting out 7 articles a week, every week, means thinking about what you’re doing at that time of year and what you’ll be doing in the next few months that you need to prepare for now. We’ve got a good idea of what can help, but it makes it so much easier that many of you have started to write saying, “We need this information,” or “What can you tell us about this?” (Hey, Richard Parrot, thanks for the email that you like the timely reminders!”)

Sponsors! We’ve got Sponsors!

Our business plan, as you may already know, started with “If we write it, they will come….and readers and sponsors will send support to keep it going.” Without readers sending us what they think On Pasture is worth to them, and without Sponsors that send support because they believe On Pasture is important to their clients and customers, well, we’d just dry up and blow away. So THANK YOU! We love doing what we do for you, and we want to keep at it for years to come.

So here’s to our third birthday together. Thank you for learning, sharing and growing with us. Thanks for reading. And thanks for being part of the On Pasture Community.

Rachel and Kathy


2 thoughts on “Young, and Wild, and THREE!

  1. I wish you a very happy birthday On Pasture. You have kept me busy reading, smiling and laughing at stories that were so entertaining about animals. Rachel and Kathy, you are doing extremely well and improving continuously. We are growing together as I have been reading On Pasture since 2013. I hope one day On Pasture will turn into a publishing house for scientific research and books. Long live On Pasture…

    1. Morlu, thank you for the birthday wishes, and thank you for reading. It’s hard to believe how time has flown! Rachel and Kathy

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