Plant a Seed, Watch It Grow

It’s planting time. Kathy had to get her tomatoes going early, so they have time to mature before the extreme heat in Tucson ends their season. She’s expecting to be eating home-grown produce by the end of May. On the other hand, here in New York, we put in peas and lettuce just a week ago. Then, yesterday, it snowed.

You might be frost seeding, or waiting to plant. Either way, this is the time we all have planting on our minds.

It’s also time to reseed here at On Pasture.

NoPayWallIt’s time for our Spring FunDrive. For the next few weeks, we’ll be offering you the same great practical information with a side of humor, and we’ll be asking you for your help too. We don’t mention it often, but no one pays us to put out On Pasture every week. We don’t work for any government agency or university that lets us write On Pasture as part of our work plan. We only do it for you, and we can only keep going if you send in support.

We think of On Pasture as a community supported agriculture venture where we provide useful information that helps our readers be more successful, and in return the reading community provides support at whatever level each individual could afford. And to make that happen, twice a year, we take a little time to remind you that On Pasture is up to you.

So please give some “seed money” to keep On Pasture growing strong.

Think about what you’ve learned and how it’s helped you. Then think about what that’s worth to you, and send us what works best for you and your budget. We don’t ask for a lot. Just enough to keep the lights on and some food on the table.

Thank you!

Rachel and Kathy

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