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You are the reason On Pasture is here every week. You are why there are more than 1,000 articles on topics from poultry to peas, mobile milking to management, fencing to farts.

ShowUsYouLikeOnPastureWe are here to help you by providing useful information each week. The information you get through On Pasture helps save you money by lowering production costs and avoiding costly mistakes, and helps you be more productive. Overall, it’s a net gain for you. Now, we need to ask you to help pay for this resource.

On Pasture isn’t part of a government agency; Kathy and Rachel aren’t on anyone’s payroll to publish On Pasture.

We look to you, our readers, sponsors, and advertisers, to keep On Pasture going. Without you being there for us, we can’t be here for you. So twice each year, in the fall and in the spring, we come to you to ask for your help.

This spring, the goal is to bring in $35,000. We need your help to raise the funds we need to keep going.

Please give today.

Great Thank You Gift!

Click on over to send your support and get your copy of Shannon’s book!

We are tickled that farmer and author Shannon Hayes is supporting our Fund Drive again.  This time, she’s donating a copy of her book “Long Way On A Little” to the first 60 readers who support On Pasture with $50 or more. We think you’ll really enjoy this book too! The core reference for any home cook, Long Way on a Little is packed with Hayes’ signature delicious no-fail recipes for perfect roasts and steaks cooked indoors and out on the grill, easy-to-follow techniques to make use of the less-conventional, inexpensive cuts that often go to waste, tips on stretching a sustainable food budget, and an extensive section on using leftovers and creating soups. Written with her accessible style and engaging wit, Long Way on a Little also frankly grapples with tough health issues confronting so many Americans today, from diabetes to grain, dairy and gluten intolerance. The result is family-pleasing, nutrient-dense, affordable cuisine that is a joy to prepare, rich in authentic flavor, and steeped in the wisdom of the world’s greatest culinary traditions.

Sponsors Rock!

Reader support alone isn’t going to keep On Pasture going. We all know that even though there are almost 60,000 people clicking in a month, they’re not all going to give. So if your organization or group benefits from what On Pasture provides, consider sponsoring On Pasture.

Drop Rachel a line and she’ll work with you to create a partnership that works for you and your clients and members.

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