We’ve Gone A Long Way On A Little

Rachel and Kathy back in February of 2013. Photo by Troy Bishopp.
Rachel and Kathy back in February of 2013. Photo by Troy Bishopp.

You all probably know the story of how Kathy and Rachel started On Pasture. Way, way back when, many years ago (okay, five), Kathy and some pals were at a conference talking about information and how it gets to farmers. A few months later, Kathy and Rachel were working together in Vermont, and the topic came up again. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a resource grazing farmers and ranchers could count on for information that made sense, was based in science, and could get used right away?

Harnessing their big brains and a dose of humor, and relying on their husbands’ patience for them to take on a giant task with no funding in sight, they decided to make a go of it. Kathy and Rachel would develop that resource for farmers and ranchers. It would be online; it would answer the questions farmers and ranchers have, and it would turn all that research out there into something understandable and useable. They decided to name it “On Pasture.” And they planned to make it so fabulous that farmers and ranchers (you!) would come forward and help support them. They would ask you for help, and you would say YES! YOU ARE WORTH IT by sending what they might pay for any other subscription.

But then, just as things were coming together, disaster struck! Kathy fell and broke her face. Rachel was diagnosed with cancer. Kathy had to move for her husband’s work. Troy Bishopp had been writing for On Pasture regularly, and he had a heart attack. It was all we could do to keep putting out new articles every Tuesday. We’re through that dark and scary woods now, though. Kathy’s smile is unscathed, and Rachel’s hair has grown back. Troy is bouncy and wonderful again.

It’s how we all get started. Just a little bit, a dream, an idea, a plan, and a few choice resources. If we plan well, work hard, and we’re really lucky and have friends to help, we might make it a long way on that little bit. Now, if we’re going to go forward together, we need your help.

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During our spring and fall fund drives, we ask you for help.

It’s the only way we can keep on putting out articles every week. We ask you to give what you can and what On Pasture is worth to you.

This fund drive, thanks to the wonderful author Shannon Hayes, we are offering up copies of Long Way On A Little, a cookbook that tells you how to make use of everything, so you can get further along. That is what we’ve been doing, and what we’ve been trying to do for you. Please send your support today so we can keep On Pasture online.

Thank you.

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