Top Secret Weight Loss Tips from On Pasture

You can make a fortune selling the easy path to weight loss. The weight loss industry in the US was worth more than $64 billion in 2014. On Pasture is trying to raise money, and so here we are to share some top secret weight loss tips with you for the low, low, price of your On Pasture membership. Join On Pasture now, and learn how to lose weight!

We’ll wait right here while you click over to help support On Pasture during our Spring Fund Drive, and then come back to learn these simple tools – that REALLY WORK!- to lose weight.


We're just waiting right here! :-)
We’re just “weighting” right here! 🙂 Get it?  🙂


Ok, you’re back! Thank you for supporting On Pasture.

Here it is, our time tested, top secret trick to lose weight. We’ve tried it ourselves, and it works!

Don’t stuff your face all day.

That’s pretty much it. Don’t eat quite so much. You should definitely still eat, just not enough to feel stuffed all day.

How do we know this works?  Rachel was a snacker – all day long she was nibbling.  Then she decided to try not stuffing her face all day, and after just 3 weeks, her pants feel just a scosh looser. Now, she was never in danger of starring on “My 600 lb. Life,” but she did want to save money on her clothing budget. So not growing out of her clothes is a good thing. Kathy can’t see the difference since she’s in Arizona and Rachel is in New York, but she can hear it. No more snacking noises during our coordination phone calls. 🙂

Some other top secret tips are: get some exercise, and get enough sleep.

If you gave $50 or more, we’ll also tell you to make sure you drink enough water (Rachel thrives with more than 2L each day), and eat balanced meals made of nutritious foods. You can read about all that in the book “Long Way On A Little” that author Shannon Hayes is giving to each reader who supports On Pasture with $50 or more.

There it is. Eat less than you do now. Get enough sleep. Move a little more.

Thanks for your support!

Rachel and Kathy

P.S. Seriously, we need your support to keep On Pasture online!


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