Is On Pasture Important to You? Show Us!

We started our Spring Fund Drive on April 4, 2015. Since then, just over 54,000 readers have stopped in to read On Pasture articles. That means that over 54,000 people saw a Pop Up that looked something like this one:


We’re really proud of the number of folks who are spending time each month checking out our articles. We’re really tickled when we get emails that say how you look forward to Tuesdays because of On Pasture, or that the things you read here are really helpful and are making a difference to you and your operation. And to those of you who have sent in your support, THANK YOU! It means the world to us.

It’s just that very few of you have sent in support. In fact, we’ve only pulled in $1,834 from our readers and over half of that came from one supporter.  Ouch. Not ticklish at all!

We know that not everybody who reads is going to send support. But without support, it’s hard to wake up on a Monday morning and look forward to sending you another issue of On Pasture. So please help. If you don’t have the funds, maybe you belong to an organization that can become a sponsor? Rachel can work with anyone on a sponsorship level that meets their budget.

This spring fund drive, we are trying to raise $35,000. If every reader gave 65 cents, we’d meet our goal. We all know that won’t happen, so please be the one to stand up and help keep On Pasture going. The first 60 readers giving $50 or more get a copy of Long Way On  A Little, by Shannon Hayes. Mother’s Day is coming up, and we can send a copy to a mom in your life if you give $50 or more. Thank a mother in your life, your own, yourself or someone else, all while thanking On Pasture.

Stand up and be counted as a supporter of On Pasture. It’s worth a lot more than 65 cents to you. Show us. Today.

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