Here’s to a Perfect Summer

01CdriveinAThis weekend we went to the drive-in, and the moon rose high over the screen. Before the movie, the kids ran around the grassy field under the screen in the twilight, chasing each other and climbing trees.

When the movie started, we all hushed. Families sat in cars, truck beds, and chairs in the grass. The sounds of the movie spilled out of open windows. Watching a movie at the drive-in might be a magical way to start the summer.

Movie or no movie, summer is here. The calendar says so, the weather says so (it’s 100+ by Kathy every day, and hitting nineties here). The end of this week, the kids get out of school. That may be the truest start to summer. By the end of the first day out, though, my kids are ready to go back. Not to go to class, but for the playground. When we go, there are always half a dozen of their classmates with the same idea.

Now it is summer, and the cold of winter is a long forgotten memory. Now it’s swimming holes, not sledding hills, that call us. We hope your summer has time for family and time for fun. We hope you get rain when you need it, and dry spells when they are useful.

We wish you a perfect summer.




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