Where’s Your Superpower?

YouareasuperheroSome days, I’m pretty sure I have superpowers. I can get through every item on a 2-page to-do list, there’s time to play with the kids, weed the garden, and walk the dog. Dinner is delicious, nutritious, and on the table, and the house is picked up before bed time.

Most days, I must look like I am running in circles with my hair on fire. Maybe I should be impressed that I managed to take a shower and make coffee for Mr. On Pasture. On those days, I have 3 to-do lists going, each with the directive “combine to-do lists,” and I’ve not yet been able to check off a single item on any of the lists by noon. If I must, I’ll write in “call Kathy” so I can check that one off. Behold! Accomplishment!

The days of being a super hero are relatively few. But they are mighty. The effort and enthusiasm is still there on the days of fiery hair, as I fumble through, with leftovers on the table, and a jumble of shoes, homemade bows and arrows, and soccer gear strewn across the mudroom.

This week, the Funnies has a video that brings tears of laughter to my eyes. It’s how I feel, when I’m barely keeping it together, and when I might just be able to soar.

If you are a super hero some days, or every day, we hope you are flying high. If you are like me, and can barely hoist yourself over a trash can most of the time, here’s hoping for some days with superpowers!



2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Superpower?

  1. You might want to read the story called “A List” from the Frog and Toad stories by Arnold Lobel. I think it’s in FROG AND TOAD TOGETHER. I’ve adopted that strategy and I get more of my lists done every day.

    1. Thanks, Curt! Toad’s list is perfect. Can’t fault a list for the day’s activities that starts with “Wake up. Eat breakfast.”

      https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUGoolwxj0o

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