We’re All Friends Here

A friend called me from the road yesterday. She was thinking about a time I had given her a hand, and how much that meant to her. Shucks, I said, no big deal. It’s what you do for a friend. Besides, I reminded her, you are there for me plenty too.

852202-bigthumbnailWhen we come through for a friend, a lot of the time it’s no skin off our backs. But it makes a huge difference to the friend. Maybe you pass along a phone number, or take care of their kids or animals for a day, or just listen. Or maybe you have a simple solution to a very frustrating problem.

Last week, we asked if you had solutions to fleas in the house, to help out a reader with that very problem. (He also had a snake in the house, but his wife clobbered it to death.) You all presented a variety of solutions, and we’ve had some more come through directly to us. One reader suggested he bring a dog into the house. The fleas will prefer to live on a host. Once you’ve gotten the fleas on board the dog, take that pup outside and deflea him. Repeat as necessary.

On Pasture readers, you rock! The brain trust and willingness to come forward means a ton. (And it may mean no more itchy ankles.)

We’re all friends here. What kind of help do you need?

Tell us below or send us an email and we’ll coordinate the On Pasture Community for answers.

Thanks for helping and thanks for reading!

Rachel and Kathy



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