Taking Medicine

417709The youngest of the On Pasture crew is a puker – at least when she’s riding in cars.  The last time we drove to see her grandparents, she puked 5 times, or an average of once every 75 miles.

We’ve got car puking down to a nice routine.  We take along a container with a lid. She announces when she feels puke coming on, and the passenger in the front hands her the puke bucket, uncovered. She pukes into the puke bucket. She passes back the container (carefully) and the front passenger covers it.  If the passenger is a kid, Mom gets the honors. Then our little gal gets a wipe, and wipes her face clean.

This all happens while we are driving, because that’s the way puke happens for us.  For the trip home from the grandparents, we invested in some children’s motion sickness chewable meds which she took before we headed out.

There was no puking the whole ride home. None. Problem solved, right?

Not so fast! Before we set out for the grandparents again this past weekend, I offered up another of the small chewable pills. She refused it, loud and long. Finally, after thirty minutes of cajoling and exasperation, she finally took about 1/4 of one pill.

She only puked 2 1/2 times this trip. The 1/2 is because when we pulled up, she puked out onto the driveway. That seems like it counts as a 1/2.

Along the way, I was thinking about why it was I couldn’t get her to take her pill. I was reminded of last week’s piece by Don Ashford that encouraged us all to “Just Do It.” And there was that series about the Sand Ranch and how, after a bad meeting with their financial advisor they decided something had to change. So they just did it.

OnPastureUsefulSo sometimes, it’s worth it to take your medicine.  Especially if that medicine makes things better in the long run, no matter how gross a chewable grape-flavored tablet can be. But our little gal is no different than the rest of us. Sometimes we don’t do things because the way isn’t always clear, Maybe we’re not sure we have all the information we need, or we haven’t figured out how much of the pill we need to chew up to make it to our destination without puking.

Here at On Pasture, we’re hoping to help. If you need more information to help you “Just Do It” let us know!

Thanks for reading,

Rachel and Kathy

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  1. So, so, so true about things in life Rachel. Maybe E. will inspire me to complete some lingering tasks.

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