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Happy New Year!

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In the Jewish tradition, this week is the “head of the year” or Rosh Hashanah. Like all great holidays it’s celebrated with food; crisp apples for the harvest and honey to symbolize the sweetness of a new year. It’s also a time to close the book on the old year, leave behind things that didn’t work for you, apologize for missteps, and take a thankful breath for the beauty of a clean slate.

We like the idea of fall beginning the new year. The seasons have cycled around again. The landscape is changing quickly. After a long growing season, we’re winding things up. Harvests are in, bunkers filled, hay bales stacked, freezers stocked, and canning jars filled and shelved.


Here we grow!

With all that done, fall and winter are the seasons we recharge and renew. We can clear out the old and prepare a clean slate. Like the seeds we’ve planted in our pastures that prepare to germinate with the spring, we graziers can germinate new ideas, so they can take root and grow strong in the new grazing season.

Normally we try to match each week’s articles with things that are happening in your pastures. But fall and winter are a time when we can range more widely. We’ll be sharing articles that you can ruminate on over the winter and think about how they fit with your operation. If you’re a new or beginning farmer, we’ll be sharing things you can do to prepare for success. And we’ll be featuring new partnerships and sponsors. We’ve also got an archive of over 1,00o articles for you to explore and we’ll be pointing out some of them as we go along in case you missed them.

We also expect to learn a lot from you. We’ll be sharing questions from your fellow graziers so that you can share your thoughts and experience to help them with your hard-won experience. If you’ve got a question, send it to us and we’ll see how the On Pasture Community can help. We’re also sharing conferences, workshops and more on our Events Calendar. If you’ve got an event to add, click here to input it. (And click here to get Kathy’s help if the form is confusing.)

Let’s learn something new this fall and winter. Visit with friends and family. Get to a conference or two, or more. Write us a note, tell us what you’re learning or ask us a question that’s been poking at you.

Let’s make the 2017 grazing season a great one!

Happy New Year!





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