We Met Our Match!


Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help us meet the match we need to unlock this year’s Conservation Innovation Grant!

We’d also like to give a special shout out to one reader who’d like to remain anonymous. He brought an end to this year’s fundraising with an especially generous donation. He’s been reading On Pasture for about a year and a half and he appreciates the unbiased information we’re providing and he wanted to be sure that it keeps on coming.

To all of you who helped make this possible by sending support, your bumper stickers, books and t-shirts will be heading out in the mail shortly. We hope that the mail is a little faster than the delivery to our Namibian reader. He just sent us an email to say that the bumper sticker Rachel mailed on July 9, 2015 JUST arrived in his mail box. He says he likes it very much.

As you read this Tuesday morning, we’re headed to Albuquerque for the annual Quivira Coalition Conference. Rachel is flying from New York and Kathy is driving from Tucson. We will have a table there so if you’re attending, do stop by and say hi. We’re looking forward to meeting readers in person and gathering information for future articles as well as spending time together planning for what’s coming to you next from On Pasture. So, if you have thoughts or suggestions about things that we can do to make On Pasture better, please do send them along!

We’re looking forward to a great year. Thank you for being a part of making On Pasture work!

Kathy and Rachel


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