Gift Giving Hacks

gift-giving-hackIf you’re still wondering what you might give that farmer or rancher who has everything, here’s an On Pasture suggestion that kind of goes with this life hack: Give the Gift of Knowledge. 🙂

It’s easier than you might think.

Conferences and Workshops!

You can start by heading over to the On Pasture Events Calendar to check out the conferences and workshops there. Choose one you think would be fun and informative, print out the page, and then put it in an envelope with all or a part of the registration fee or travel money. And all you conference organizers, knowing that some of the 80,000 On Pasture readers are going to be doing this, click on this link and add your event to our Calendar. It’s free, and the form is pretty easy to fill out. (If you run into trouble, email Kathy.)

Here are a few from our sponsors.





Books are a great idea too. You can see our suggestions for great books at the On Pasture Bookstore. When you buy books at the On Pasture bookstore, you get all the benefits and pricing of Amazon, and a portion of the proceeds support On Pasture.

Your Memories!

If you’re an experienced farmer or rancher, you can give the gift of knowledge, or at least you can share a lot of experience with your kids and grandkids and the rest of us. You may not be able to get it all down in writing or recorded before Christmas/Hanukah. But you can start and let them know what you’re working on. Kathy’s grandpa recorded his memories of life on the farm and her Mom typed them up so that it could be printed off and shared. It’s been a great way to remember him and understand what farming was like decades ago. Stuck about where to start? Ask your kids and grandkids what kinds of questions they have and what they’d like to know. Here’s a little something you can download and print off to get started.


We hope these are helpful hints. And if not, check out the funnies where someone else had a whole different set of ideas about what would be useful to farmers and ranchers.

Happy Holidays!

Kathy and Rachel




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  1. Gift idea: I made a photobook of adventures the grandkids have had on the farm over the last couple of years (climbing trees, feeding calves, gathering eggs, their ‘hideouts’, cuddling chicks, making biscuits, reading books with Poppy, etc) . I made an extra copy for myself – they grow so fast!

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