Another Gift Suggestion: High Tech Cow Horns

Still searching for that special gift for that hard-to-please someone on your list? Kathy found the answer at the 4th Avenue Street Fair in Tucson: iHorns!

Here’s my phone hooked up to my cow horn iHorn. You can get yours from Frank Falk at for only $20! Just send him an email and tell him what you’re looking for.

Frank Falk takes cow horns and turns them into amplifiers for cell phones with speakers on the bottom. The sound from my $20 cow horn iHorn fills my office and I love that it’s such a low-tech solution. No batteries, no cords or cables, just a good old bovine horn.

Here’s a short video showing how iHorns work starting with antique phonograph horns.

Frank says, “If you like simplicity, old-school, retro and re-purposed, iHorns are probably for you.” In keeping with his preference for the old ways of doing things, Frank doesn’t have a website. You can see a few examples of the iHorns he’s made on instagram and on facebook, and you can contact him via email to order yours at Tell him “The Bellydancer sent me.” He’ll know what that means. 😉

Happy Holidays!

Rachel and Kathy




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