Grazing Through January 1 – One Farmer’s Results

In 2015, Troy Bishopp took the On Pasture Community along for a look at winter grazing. Here's the final chapter in that series. In it, Troy describes the results of making it through January 1, covering the economics, and benefits to the soil and the animals. (You can read whole series here.) Don't forget that one of the reasons he feels he's successful at this is his grazing chart. If you're thinking you'd like your own grazing chart, here's where to find one for 2017. Happy New Year 2015 from paddock 15 which is the final piece of grazeable forage. The goal of grazing until January 1st, 2015 has been met. Yea!  That means the stockpile grazing planning met reality which was unknown back on October 17th when we started this experiment.  And even further back on September 22nd when we did an On Pasture video,  and came up with how many tons of standing forage and how long it might last. It’s been a long time since April 14th (257 grazing days) when I started grazing for the first time. Here's a video to give you a great view of what conditions looked like as we wrapped up the season. Where We Started Remember these calculations from when I started this process? What do I need? 53 Dairy Heifers, 4 bulls and 2 cow/calf pairs start grazing stockpile on October 17th 53 head @ 850lbs,  4 bulls @ 1200lbs,  2 pairs @ 3400lb

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