Making Our Website Work For You

The week before last was a little more stressful than some weeks at On Pasture. Some of our readers noticed mid-week that the comments section had disappeared from the site. So Kathy, our resident web guru, started trying to figure out why. It turns out that there was a problem with the update for the software that powers the On Pasture events calendar. After a day and half of troubleshooting and communicating with the software provider, she replaced the update with a previous, working version and everything was back to normal. Whew!

We don’t know how many of you were impacted by this. We did our best to make sure you knew we were aware of the problem and working on it by posting on our Facebook page. Things like this might happen from time to time, so we appreciate you letting us know. If you wonder what’s up, Facebook is a good place to check.

It also reminded us that there could be other things that we could do better with our website, and who better to ask than you? We’re trying out a few changes to see if we can make it more clear about how to contact us, what our reprint polices are, how to subscribe to the weekly emails that let you know when new articles up, and more. Can you find those things easily on our website? If not, can you tell us where you looked, or give us suggestions for a solution that would work well for you? Do the articles load well on your computer or device? What are things we do that make your On Pasture reading life good, or something that makes it harder?

We want to see the website from your point of view. We want your experience here to be a good one, where getting the great information we’re providing is easy peasy. So let us know what the website can do better, and what we’re doing well so we can keep on doing that too!

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel



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