Ideas for Additions to Your Pasture Forages

This article first appeared in January of 2014. We hope these ideas from Jerry Doan will inspire you to consider what might work well in your pastures.

Jerry DoanWith all the cold and snow many of us have been having, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just step out of it all and take a quick trip to summer? Well, here’s our best effort at making that happen for you.

Check out this video from Ray Archuleta’s Vimeo Channel of a Burleigh County North Dakota NRCS and SWCD visit to the Blackleg ranch.  The ranch has been in the Doan family since 1882 and they currently run a cow calf, graze yearlings and run a hunting/agri-tourism business.  Little by little they’ve been grazing more intensively and adding to the diversity of their pastures so they can build organic matter and graze into the winter.

Their pasture mixture includes corn, soybeans, turnips, radish, millet, sunflowers, cowpea to serve the health of the graziers, as well as wildlife like pheasant and deer.  Strip grazing helps with hunting success, gives the cattle something to graze in the winter, and reduces the amount of hay they have to buy or put up.  Plus the visitors coming for horseback riding and agri-tourism love to see the pasture flowers.

Blackleg Ranch, Burleigh Co., ND from SC-NRCS & ESRI-SC Partnership on Vimeo.

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