Soil That Looks Like Cottage Cheese – It’s a Good Thing

Gabe Brown is known for the work he’s done improving his soils, and with it, his farm’s profitability. He quit tilling back in 1993, turning instead to no-till, cover crops, and crop rotation. Here he’ll show you what his soil looks like after 20 years of caring for his land this way. The result is soil that looks like “cottage cheese.” That’s not a picture I can imagine in my head, can you? Along with this new look comes a lot more fertility. Check it out! (Just 3 minutes and 50 seconds.)

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2 thoughts on “Soil That Looks Like Cottage Cheese – It’s a Good Thing

  1. Great video! Thank you for sharing. Do the same principles apply to smaller-scale, more engineered garden environments like raised beds?

    1. Glad you liked it. The practices do apply! Avoid turning your soil, use cover crops, diversify and rotate what you plant – translates to your home garden, and mine too!

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