Send Your Support to Help Meet the On Pasture Grant Match

On Pasture is funded for the near future thanks to a Conservation Innovation Grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. But we only get the money if we can provide $15,000 in cash match every year for the life of the grant. So twice a year (in the spring for On Pasture’s birthday and in the fall for Thanksgiving) we ask you for your support.

Conservation Innovation Grants require a 100% match. On Pasture was able to provide most of that match with in-kind contributions made up of all the articles that were published from March of 2013 until October of 2016. That left just $15,000 every year that we need to raise from our readers. Since around 90,000 readers stop by every month to read, we think that together, we should be able to make that cash match pretty easily.

In addition to providing the match we need to keep on going, your support tells the NRCS that they’ve made a good investment in something that serves the people the agency works for. It tells them that On Pasture gives you something you don’t get anywhere else and that you want it to continue.

So what do you say? Can you take a few minutes to celebrate On Pasture’s 4th birthday and send in some support? Only you can make sure that On Pasture is here for it’s fifth birthday.

Please give, and we’ll say thanks with the party favor of your choice.

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel

P.S. If we make the whole $15,000 with the Spring Fund Drive, we’ll be done for the year and we won’t bug you in the fall. 🙂






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