The Right Growing Environment Makes All the Difference

My effort to grow popcorn this year in Tucson, Arizona has reinforced an important lesson about the importance of the right growing environment.

The corn in these two pots was planted on the same day, and have gotten the same amount of water. But the corn on the right was planted in brand new potting soil I bought at Lowes. It was organic and everything! But there was something about it that prevented my little corn plants from thriving. They got this tall, and no taller. Two weeks ago I carefully dug them up, pulled out lots of the “bad soil” and added a different kind of soil, also organic, also purchased at Lowes. Slowly but surely, the little corn plants are beginning to grow. It turns out that a little boost from the right soil is going to boost my popcorn harvest down the road.

Why do you care about my popcorn? Because it represents what’s happening with On Pasture. We’re the little corn, and we’ve just gotten a big boost from a Conservation Innovation Grant that will help On Pasture grow and thrive for the next three years…

…but only if On Pasture gets support from its readers.

We have to raise $15,000 every year of the grant to meet the required cash match. YOU create the right growing environment. 

So twice a year we ask you to send support to keep On Pasture going.

If you value On Pasture, and want to continue to harvest the great information it provides, please send in your support today!

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel

P.S. Thanks to all who have sent in support so far! We’re at about $3,000 of the $15,000 we need.


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