Assessment Time

Last week was taxes crunch, which does sound like a tasty ice cream flavor, but we all know it’s not nearly as fun. Leading up to the day of reckoning meant getting together all of the number-filled papers that have strange names like K-1, and 1099, and W-2. In Alabama, there’s an A-1 form, which I bet comes with steak and sauce.

Now that we’ve all gotten our numbers together, some of us may be assessing our operations and what we might want to do differently to be more profitable next year this time. So, this week in On Pasture, Kit Pharo gives us some ideas about staying up in a down market, Don Ashford helps us consider if we’re asking the right questions, and the NatGLC Classic gives us an example of a family that took the bull by the horns, changed they way they did things, and came out better for it on the other side. Whatever your situation, we hope this week’s articles will give you a boost.

As On Pasture heads into it’s fifth year, we’re doing a little assessment of our own. It’s our annual survey to help us make sure we’re doing a good job for you.

We promise this process is easier than a even 1040-EZ form. It’s only 10 questions, and a bonus bumper sticker for you if you’d like. Your answers will tell us if you’re getting from On Pasture what you need to thrive, what we can do better, and will also help us show what On Pasture does that is valuable when we apply for future grants to keep On Pasture going.

Help us make On Pasture the best it can be by giving us 5 minutes of your time.

Thanks for helping!

Rachel and Kathy





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