Building a Better On Pasture (No Money Involved!)

We need your help to keep On Pasture growing in a direction that suits you best. So we’re asking you to answer 10 questions. Your responses will help guide us when we’re picking the articles. They will also be helpful when we approach granters for funding. If you value On Pasture, then share you thoughts, and in return we’ll send you a small thank you gift.

Your Input Gets You More of What You Want!

From the 5,672 readers we had after our first full month of publication in 2013, to the 98,775 who came by to celebrate our March 2017 birthday month, On Pasture has really grown. We were pretty sure readers would like On Pasture’s content – a mix of practical science and farmer and rancher experience – all focused on helping you be more sustainable and successful. And the stats for our growth tell use we’re doing pretty well. BUT….there’s always room for improvement, so the questions we ask in this survey help us get to know you a little better so that we can do even better at choosing and writing articles for you.

Your Input Helps With Future On Pasture Grants

As you all know by now, we started On Pasture without any funding. Being extra optimistic, this was a normal thing for us to do. After all, Kathy and Rachel have successfully built several projects from the “If you build it, they will come” template, and both of us have always been good at finding grants to cover costs of good projects. Our great readership numbers, along with your testimonials were what made it possible to apply successfully for the Conservation Innovation Grant that will cover On Pastures expenses for the next three years.

BUT….if we want to continue after that, we’ll need to find another grant, and since the granting process can be long and involved, we need to start now. Your responses to these questions will tell potential funders who’s reading On Pasture and what you get out of the articles.

So, if you like what you’re getting, give us 5 minutes of your time. Your answers will build a better On Pasture!


Kathy and Rachel





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