Shade That Moves Where You Need It

Shade can solve a lot of problems. It can improve livestock grazing and production. Cattle without shade gain less weight and produce less milk than their cool counterparts. Fertility rates drop too. Shade also impacts productivity by changing where animals deposit manure, and how much of your pasture gets grazed. But getting shade where you want it is a real problem. If your mobile shade is light enough to haul, it's often not heavy enough to stay in place when the wind blows. If it's heavy enough to withstand the weather, moving it becomes a pain. And making shade for all your cattle? Forget about it! Until now.... The folks at Shade Haven decided that we should have movable shade to go with our movable fencing and water. So they designed what looks like an enormous sunbrella on wheels. It is light enough to be towed with an ATV or horse (or pulled by two strong people on level ground), yet will stand up to wind and sun. The canopy is 40 feet in diameter and covers over 1200 sq. ft., or about enough for 60 cows. When you're ready to move it, it collapses into an area of less than 120 sq ft in a minute which also makes for easy storage. Here's a video showing how it works:   In

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One thought on “Shade That Moves Where You Need It

  1. I don’t think animals get any cooler all piled up on top of each other under one of these umbrellas. And back east it might be alright, but it gets windy out west. I went to a farm show a month ago and the man took down his shade umbrella ’cause a typical thunderstorm came through and was blowing pretty good. I bet that shade umbrella reacts to high wind the same way as a lawn chair.

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