The Next Level of Dedication

On Pasture has been through a lot of behind the scenes change in the last two months, and today, if all went according to plan, the site is faster and you’re not getting the dreaded “500 error” anymore. That’s because we are now on a dedicated server.

But if all DIDN’T go according to plan, things will be a little sketchy Tuesday morning, and we may not even be able to answer your emails asking “What’s going on?

In April, we started noticing that our site wasn’t keeping up with the traffic it was getting. We were getting 500 errors, and we know some of you were too, letting us know that the site wasn’t working temporarily. The folks hosting our server suggested moving to a cloud server, with no guarantees that it would work. A week in, we realized nothing had improved, and it was time to make the big leap to a Dedicated Server.

I’m not exactly sure what all that means. Being an IT person is not my specialty, but simply something I’ve had to learn to do so that On Pasture can come to you every week. Mostly a dedicated server means that On Pasture doesn’t have to share space with other websites anymore, and we can do whatever we want in the space we have.

Every time we switch to a new server it means that on Friday at noon, Rachel and I have to quit working on the site. Then all the files for On Pasture are “migrated” or copied to the new server. In our case that takes about 12 hours and it doesn’t always start right away. After that, the “domain name servers” or the address for the site have to be changed. And it takes 24 to 48 hours (and sometimes longer) for that change of address to go everywhere it has to go on the Internet. We can’t work on the site again until the change of address (or propagation in IT lingo) has been completed. So right now, writing this on Monday at 10:30 am, I’m a little concerned that it won’t make it in time for us to do all the things we have to do before Tuesday morning. Also, the last switch made our email a little bonkers for a few days too. So if we don’t answer your email right away, that’s the reason.

But We’re Really Happy You Gave Us This Problem!

We never imagined this level of IT expertise would be required. In the beginning, Rachel and I had a goal of about 20,000 readers a month, or about double what other well-read publications in this niche get. We never imagined 100,000 readers a month! And readership continues to grow. We hope I’m smart enough to learn how to run the dedicated server and keep up with you. We’ll see. 🙂

If you know about these things and want to send some information, please do. And if you want to make sure that we keep on coming to you, please send some support. The price of a dedicated server is about 10 times what the cost of our shared server was.

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel





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