Summer Vacation Is the Best!

Your On Pasture editors are on vacation this week. Rachel is off to the beach and Kathy is getting out of the Tucson heat and visiting friends and family in Colorado.

But we haven’t left you in the lurch. All of this week’s articles come from the On Pasture Special Collections. That’s the new menu item we added. It lets us gather articles about things that readers search for or ask about most, put links to them on one page, and then put them on the Special Collections page so you can find them quickly. We thought this might also be helpful for beginning farmers and ranchers, who have asked for a way to find what they need more easily.

You may have noticed another change to our menu in the last few months. Instead of listing all the categories in the menu bar, we’ve collected them under “Sections.” So if you want to read about grazing management, or soil, or poultry, hover over “Sections” and you’ll see a submenu you can select from.

It’s hard for us to know how these changes are working for you. So if you have comments, or if you have suggestions about what would make the On Pasture website work better for you, please do let us know. When we get back from our break we’ll be happy to see what we can do.

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel



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