The Lady on the Phone Said to Call On Pasture

A week or so ago, we got an email from a fellow who wanted to learn about leasing land and raising beef on pasture. He sent us his phone number and asked us to give him a call. So I did, and we talked. He was driving, and pulled over, which is always a good sign.

He’s looking at options in life, and he thinks that what he’d really like to be doing is raising livestock. But he didn’t know where to start. He asked me what we could do for him.

What we really have a lot of at On Pasture is information. “We have more than 1500 articles online,” I told him. “They explain a lot about grazing and raising livestock. There’s a page of ‘Special Collections‘ you can look through. There are different sections on grazing management, pasture health, livestock and more you can browse through. You’re welcome to read them all!”

“The angels sent you!” he exclaimed. It turns out, we have exactly what he’s looking for.

We talked a bit more, and then I asked him, “How did you find On Pasture?”

“The lady on the phone told me to contact you,” he said.

I remembered way back to dialing 411 for information, but that didn’t make sense. And then I remembered “Siri!!

Siri sent him to On Pasture.

I went to my phone to thank Siri, and it turns out my Siri is male, and he calls me “Face of All Awesomeness,” (for which I thank my kids and their phone set up skills).

Thank you, Siri. You nailed it!

Have a great week!

Rachel and Kathy

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