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This week we’re celebrating the birthday of Rachel and Kathy’s Louisiana Dad, Don Ashford, by sharing a Special Collection of all the stories he’s written for On Pasture so far. His stories represent sixty years or more of experience – mistakes, successes, relationships and philosophies. They serve as a reminder of what On Pasture is: a way to share what we’ve learned, whether through research, or experience, so that everyone who’s part of the On Pasture community can learn, grow and prosper.

With Don’s Special Collection as an example, it’s an excellent time to remind you that the On Pasture Community could use your input too. Learning from research and learning from experience both take a lot of time. You can help someone else be successful sooner by saying, “Hey – this works!” or “No, don’t try this at home!”

Here’s Forrest Pritchard, author and farmer. You may choose to work inside or at least a ways away from the chicken coop.

You might be a researcher and you’ve gathered information that could help farmers and ranchers solve a particular problem or help them understand something about the soil, water, forage and livestock they manage.

You might be with an agency and you have resources that can help farmers with the financial or technical aspects of adopting a beneficial practice. Or maybe you have examples of folks who have successfully tried something new or who have adapted a practice in a way that others could use.

You might be a farmer or rancher with a new take on solving an old problem. It could be a special paddock set up, how you managed your cattle to make it through a tough time, or something that has helped you turn more profit.

If you’re not sure something you have could be an article, drop us a line. If you’re ready to write, check out these tips for writing for On Pasture. We can also help with editing, and with making complicated science On Pasture ready.

And even if you’re not sending something off to On Pasture, consider writing things down for posterity. Your kids and grandkids will appreciate it down the road.

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel




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