Can We Get A High Five For On Pasture?

It’s that time of year again when we ask you to support On Pasture. Here’s why:

We have a Conservation Innovation Grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service that covers a lot of On Pasture’s operating expenses through October of 2019. BUT – it requires that readers provide a $15,000 annual match.

No match = No funds = No On Pasture

Reader support is critical to the grant, not just because it’s money, but also because it says to our funders: “On Pasture does something valuable for me and I want it to continue.” No support from you means they’ll be less likely to support us in the future.

Of course you seem to tell us you like On Pasture when you read – About 100,000 readers, visiting over 600,000 pages each month. That’s really something! In fact, Google Analytics says On Pasture is the top-read, online Ag News source.

And many of you told us On Pasture is important to you when you responded to our Spring reader survey. Every single respondent said they had changed something they do as a result of reading On Pasture. You also said you like the sense of belonging to the On Pasture Community, a place where we can all come and learn and grow together.

When we ask what you like, this is what readers say:

“I like the format and ideas presented. It is a big help in making decisions about my farm.”

“We like the innovative and practical advice you bring.”

“I really appreciate the accessible writing that takes complicated science and replaces the jargon with understandable/actionable language.”

“I get inspiration from the underlying sense of community that holds the articles together. A pervasive sense of humor is a plus too.”

We started On Pasture because we know you don’t have a lot of money to spend on things that don’t work for you. We made it our mission to help you keep and put more money in your pocket by telling you what works and what doesn’t. If we’ve done a good job, and you appreciate the help, we’re asking you to take a few dollars out of your pocket and use it to support something that does work for you: On Pasture. So click on over, and tell us in the most concrete way possible, “Keep up the good work.”

Give us a High Five for On Pasture.





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