Would You Support the Most Read Ag News on the World Wide Web?

Last week, an old friend and his daughter came by for supper. The kids were playing outside, and Greg and I were getting dinner ready to go on the table. While we were putting food out, he asked me how On Pasture was going.

“Well,” I said, “we’ve got about 100,000 people coming by to read every month, and we’re the biggest online ag news source in the world.”


He was impressed, and I was a bit shocked to hear those words out loud.

That’s what Google Analytics tells us: In four and a half years, you have made On Pasture the most popular ag news source on the worldwide web.

High Five to that!

And there’s another thing.

In a recent survey, EVERY RESPONDENT SAID they had already made a change to how they farm or ranch because of On Pasture.

So we know that On Pasture is making a difference.

High Five to that!

There are more than 1600 articles in our archives that you can read any time you want (no messy pile of back issues to store in the bathroom or on your bedside table for when you have time).

High Five to that!

Now we hope you’ll take on the role of helping make sure On Pasture endures. 

We have a grant that covers most of On Pasture’s expenses. But, it requires a match of $15,000 each year from you, our readers. Your support means we can keep publishing. AND your contribution is a tangible demonstration to our funders, current and future, that you value On Pasture and want it to keep going.

Your support is the best way you can say, “Well Done!”

So, now, right now, we need you to give something toward On Pasture’s future. If you can contribute, you are also  helping farmers and ranchers who need this resource, but maybe can’t give right now themselves.

We can only keep going if you are part of the process.

Please give today.

Thank you,

Rachel and Kathy



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