Just a Finger’s Width of Support Can Keep Things Steady

On Wednesdays, I try to get to a fitness class at the Y. Mary teaches this class, and she’s something else. She has us smile through pain, cheering us to push through four more, three more, two more, one more. And keep smiling, she reminds us, because this is fun.

Mary has us doing exercises for better balance, which is a good thing for me, because I tend to be a klutz. We balance on one leg, and bend the supporting leg up and down. Lift the raised leg up, turn it in circles, point it behind us, and in front of us.

Usually, there is a stack of chairs in the room, and we each take a chair to hold onto for extra support. But our room was being renovated, and there were no chairs. Mary adjusted the exercises, but balance was still tricky. From my spot in the back of the room, I saw two women reach out to each other and touch the tips of their fingers together as they each balanced on one leg. They just barely held hands, each giving just a finger’s width of balance to the other. But that was enough to steady them both.

That’s what On Pasture is asking you for right now. We need you to reach out, not to hold On Pasture’s whole weight (yipes!), but to give just a finger’s width of support. When you give a little bit to On Pasture, it keeps us from falling over. And it can keep you from falling over too. With eight articles each week, plus more than 1600 in the archives, On Pasture gives you support to keep you steady and moving forward.

We’re asking for your help, just a little, to keep On Pasture standing. We’ve managed to put together funding to cover most of what we do, but without your $15,000 match for that funding, we’ll tip over.

Please reach your hand out to support On Pasture right now, to steady the wobble. 🙂


Rachel and Kathy




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