This is the Crazy Story of What Happens When A Bunch of Idealistic Farmers Decide to Start a Company

Thirty years ago, seven organic farmers had this crazy idea that farmers should get paid well and that food should be raised in a healthy way. And instead of just sitting there and talking about it, they took they plunge and banded together to start a farmer-owned cooperative: Organic Valley.

They didn’t get paid much at first (a $5 an hour salary with a big raise to $7 back in the old days), but they had a passion. Now thirty years later, their dream has turned into a cooperative where farmers get to do what they love, in a network of support. The board of directors is entirely made up of farmers, and all the farmers earn a fair living. In fact, Organic Valley is the world’s largest independent Cooperative of organic family farmers and one of the nation’s largest producers and distributors of organic produce, dairy, soy, and eggs. They’re a great example of what people can do when they step up and work together.

This 2:43 video tells the whole crazy story (AND it was made by the farmers!)

This story appeals to us because it’s a lot like what we did when we started up. We thought that farmers should get the best information out there. So we started On Pasture back in March of 2013. Our starting salary was a little less than the Organic Valley Farmers – $0 for 3 years. All the while we translated science into practices you can use, telling you what doesn’t hold up under testing, and bringing in more and more of your fellow farmers and ranchers to share their experiences. Four years in, On Pasture is now read by 100,000 readers a month, including YOU. Best of all, you tell us that what we’re doing is helpful. In fact, every single person who responded to our spring survey said they were doing something differently as a result of reading On Pasture.

Organic Valley knows a good idea when they see one and they appreciated our idea and what we have done with it. Because they see how important On Pasture is to farmers and ranchers, Organic Valley is supporting On Pasture as sponsors, now and for years to come.

Help Us Thank Organic Valley!

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Kathy and Rachel

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