On Pasture Needs You in 2017

This is a special appeal from On Pasture. We can’t operate without your help.

Thanks to the readership and interest of you and everyone else in the On Pasture community, we now offer over 1600 separate articles, with 8 coming out every week. Beginning this year, we also offer 12 Special Collections, so you can find articles of most interest, find them fast, and find others you also might like.

And you should know that On Pasture is making a difference. When we surveyed readers earlier this year, every single person who responded said they had tried something different about their operation because of On Pasture. That’s huge and we couldn’t be more tickled. And we hope it’s true for you as well, that you’ve tried something different and that you’re as excited as we are. Thanks again for being part of making this happen.

With about 100,000 readers stopping by every month, our little community has grown to be larger than any other similar one anywhere. Bar. None. Because of that, we secured a three year grant last year from the US Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  But each year, we have to raise $15,000 as our match before we can receive the actual grant for the year.

If you can, please make a contribution to keep this good work going.  We don’t operate by subscription, we’re pretty selective about our advertisers, and there’s no pay wall between you and On Pasture articles.  We mostly operate on community support and funding from community members, like the NRCS.  It’s hard to imagine, but in any one year, fewer than 1% of On Pasture readers contribute, so each one makes a real difference.  If we can increase that number, it will mean a lot.  Please help us make the match this year.

Click here to make a contribution and help On Pasture meet its match.

And thanks for being part of the On Pasture community!

Kathy and Rachel


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