The Best 120 Seconds on Tillage. Ever.

I was at a weed management conference recently when one of the participants asked when we were going to be able to change farmers’ minds about tillage. Here’s an article from the October 2013 issue of On Pasture on just that topic.

We all complain about too many commercials. Commercials about soil quality, though…who knew? Learn about afflictions related to tillage and how you can solve them in this video.


natglc-logo-1Thanks to the National Grazing Lands Coalition for making this article possible. Click on over to see the great work they do for all of us. Thank them for supporting On Pasture by liking their facebook page.


One of the best conferences we’ve been to is The National Grazing Lands Conference. It’s coming up  December 2 – 5, 2018 in Reno, Nevada. Hope to see you there!




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