What Do You Think of This Idea?

Readers have been telling us On Pasture should offer workshops and other educational opportunities. Before we head in that direction, we need some input from you about what you really want and need.

Five years ago when we had the idea for a new kind of publication,  we asked potential readers what they thought. And… 97% said ” We like it!” So On Pasture was born. Now, with about 100,000 readers, we’re guessing those folks that said, “Yes, please” were right!

Now we’re hearing from folks that we should consider another new idea: workshops. Beginning farmers and ranchers in particular have suggested we do this, so we’ve been considering the idea and adding our own twist. Since On Pasture is all about giving you information you can use right now, workshops would do the same thing – showing you how a practice works on the ground for someone already doing it, and then making sure you had the tools, a plan and the backup support from mentors and fellow participants, to go home and do that new thing.


There are a lot of workshops and conferences out there. We’ve also been told that many folks leave workshops feeling like they weren’t the best use of their time, or they’re so overwhelmed they don’t know where to start. So we need to hear from you what you think of our On Pasture twist on workshops. We thought we’d skip the survey step and just ask you to share your ideas via email. We’ll even be happy to call and chat with you if you’d like. Just ask us and include your phone number and time zone in your email.

Here are our questions:

What topics could we help you most with?

If you’re a beginning farmer or rancher tell us what you need. If you’re beyond beginner, what would have been a big help – or what was a big help – when you started farming or ranching? What could be a big help right now?

What about size, locations and cost?

If you’re going to leave a workshop with a plan you can implement, how big a group is too big to learn something useful? Where are you and how far are you willing to travel for a workshop? How many days can you spend at a workshop? Would tuition or travel assistance be important?

Would you like a “Get-Started Book?”

Beginning Farmers and Ranchers have said they’d like a way to get the articles most important to them all in one place. Would this be a good way to serve On Pasture readers?

Help us take stock, and make a difference. Email us your thoughts, and if you’d like, we will call you back.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and hoping to talk with you soon,

Rachel & Kathy

One thought on “What Do You Think of This Idea?

  1. I think the idea of a “getting started” book is great. You could do it with other topics as well just by making collections of articles you already have. Those collections could just be online on this site. That will take some time on your part, but shouldn’t be too difficult.

    I would love if you could do workshops, but I am not sure if you could do it without endangering your primary mission. I just wish I could make it to some of the conferences you present at. Oh, well, someday…

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