BudBoxes Work Better Than Tub Systems

This is Part 2 of a series by Whit Hibbard that we published in 2017. Part 1 busted the myth that distractions cause animals to balk in handling systems.  In this article he address which handling systems work best. When asked about the differences between tubs and BudBoxes, Temple Grandin claims that BudBoxes are skill dependent, whereas the tubs are not. In other words, she believes that it takes less stockmanship skill to operate a tub than a BudBox. The implication is that tubs are preferable to BudBoxes because they are easier to operate. Therefore, stockmen should buy tub systems if they do not have, or aren’t willing to develop, the skills necessary to operate a BudBox. Here is a tub system designed by Temple Grandin with a round "tub" and solid sides: Here is a BudBox as designed by Bud Williams: My extensive experience with tubs and BudBoxes—and the experience of dozens of stockmen who have similarly worked both systems—strongly indicate that the reverse is true. Due to faulty premises and problemati

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