Wearing Shorts Through the Cold Spell

The freeze finally snapped this week, and we’re getting a January thaw. I can breathe a sigh of relief, and not just because I can breathe without swallowing my scarf or having my nostril hair freezing. It means that, at least for a little while, I don’t have to write the daily note allowing the middle On Pasture kid to go outside for recess. The recess monitors know me, and I sent in a note to explain “Yes, I know it is cold out. He’s decided to wear shorts, and I’m okay with that.”

That’s the youngest On Pasture kid on the left. She never needs a note, even though she wears dresses all the time.

The middle On Pasture kid hasn’t worn pants to school for going on three years, and temps in the negative teens these past few weeks didn’t make a whit of difference to him. At least when it was -17, he wore a coat, I consoled myself. His uncle did this in Canada, wearing shorts every day through a Quebec winter.

For now, the kid just prefers shorts. He just pulls his socks up, and waits for his knees to go numb.

Here’s Kathy’s Mom and Dad celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary – Dad in shorts. 🙂

Kathy’s dad, who grew up on a wheat and dairy farm in Kansas, moved to Arizona to avoid ever having to wear pants again. He remembers the cold of chores during Kansas winters and has sometimes said, “If we’d had the kinds of clothing they have for winter now, it wouldn’t have been so bad.” The cold may have been one of the reasons he decided not to be a farmer and chose to be a mechanical engineer instead.

So how has the cold snap affected you? Do you have some go to clothing that makes all the difference? If you’ve got some tips or tricks to make the cold more bearable, do share it with our On Pasture community.

Thanks for reading!

Warmly yours,

Rachel and Kathy

P.S. Kathy swears by insulated overalls. They’re what got her through kidding in cold, Utah Februarys.

3 thoughts on “Wearing Shorts Through the Cold Spell

  1. Here are my two cold weather suggestions:
    1. mittens–by design are warmer than gloves. I like leather mittens with wool liners. Liners slip out to be dried or replaced. I got the originals from L. L. Bean

    2. A neck gaiter (or neck up) is a knit tube which you slip over your head and then around your neck. It take the place of a scarf and keep all of the wind out. Can pull it up to cover part of your face also. Got the original when skiing in CO.

  2. My wife won an “electric coat” as a door prize at her company Xmas party. It worked sometimes. Don’t know if the problem was the charger, the battery, the design, or what. Not recommended unless you have a really long extension cord. cg

  3. My go-to cold weather gear when temperature dip into the negative is LL Bean’s Union Suit. It’s cotton on the inside and wool on the outer layer. Don’t buy a cheap imitation. Even with hard work a set will last 10 years!

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