How to Use Troy Bishopp’s Free Grazing Charts

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This is our favorite time of the year – THE NEW GRAZING CHARTS ARE HERE! THE NEW GRAZING CHARTS ARE HERE! Click here to get yours!

To celebrate, this week’s Classic by NatGLC comes from the On Pasture “Special Collections.” It’s the series of articles Troy Bishopp wrote to show you the steps for making your new grazing chart work for you. Just click here to get to a page with all the articles in the series, and then choose which one you’d like to read first.

To get you started thinking about how important a grazing chart can be to your success, here’s the video of Troy’s 2013 grazing season and how having a plan made it possible for him to get through a season that included drought, flooding, his father-in-law’s passing, and his own heart attack and successful surgery. If that’s not a brilliant recommendation for this tool, we don’t know what is!

P.S. If you haven’t explored On Pasture’s Special Collections, check them out! We put together series of articles addressing the most read topics at On Pasture so you could find them easily. And if you have suggestions for other groups of articles you’d like to see, let us know!

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