Two Things On Pasture Needs to Keep Going

The week is On Pasture’s 5th birthday, and look how we’ve grown!

When On Pasture was just a twinkle in the eyes of farmers, ranchers and agriculture professionals who thought it would solve problems graziers had, we had no idea that it would grow to what it is today – the most read grazing publication in the U.S. Our goal was 10,000 readers a month based on what we knew about readership of popular print grazing publications. But today, 5 short years later, about 100,000 readers visit the website every month, reading new articles and checking out our archive of over 1800 past articles.

There have been hitches along the way, the biggest one being how to fund an online publication that anyone can read for free. Online publications all say that this is the hardest challenge they face. Fortunately for On Pasture, your enthusiasm for what we do shows, and the result is that sponsors have stepped forward to help. Your support was critical to our success in securing a Conservation Innovation Grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. It’s been a big part of our partnership with the National Grazing Lands Coalition. And it has encouraged sponsors to participate, including our latest sponsor, the Jena & Michael King Family Foundation. You can see all our sponsors here.

We’re on a roll now, and there are two things we’re asking you to do to keep the ball going.

1. Help Us Make Our Match

Our Conservation Innovation Grant requires an annual reader match of $15,000. That means that twice a year, we have a small fund drive, and ask you to show your support by sending in just a little of your hard earned cash.

We’ll show On Pasture’s appreciation for your support with gifts. Everybody who sends in support will get an On Pasture bumper sticker. If you send support of $60 or more, you’ll receive a copy of Shannon Hayes’ book, “The Radical Homemaker.

2. Spend Five Minutes on Our 10 Question Survey

Your answers tell us what kind of information you need. They also tell us who’s reading On Pasture so we can explain to potential sponsors why supporting On Pasture is good for you and for them and to describe the impact On Pasture has when we’re applying for grants. Click here to complete the survey.

Thank you!

We appreciate the time you spend with us every week, the comments you share, and how we’re all learning and growing together. We hope we’re making you proud!

Kathy and Rachel

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