Have You Seen On Pasture’s First Video?

Mission statements can be dry and boring. So, five years ago, when we were developing On Pasture, we decided to explain our goals with this little video.

Fact: this is a real game and you can buy it as a board game, a card game or a quiz book!

What do we do? We sift through information so you don’t have to, turning “blah blah blah blah” into “This is what it means and how it can work for you.” And we do the legwork to figure out what you can trust, or as it shows in the video, we separate “Fact” from “Crap.” (Sorry – we said Crap – but sometimes that’s just the right word to use!)

So five years in, how are we doing? Well, lots of folks are reading – about 10 times more than the 10,000 we hoped to get when we hit the first publish button. And that’s good. But are you using what you read? And are there things that keep you from implementing new practices that we might help with?

Those are the kinds of questions we’re asking you to answer in this year’s 10 question survey. Knowing a little more about who you are (farmer/rancher/cattle producer/poultry farmer/agency professional etc.), and what you do with what you read at On Pasture does two important things for us:

1. It tells us what topics we need to cover so that we can keep on sifting through information to bring you what you need and separating Fact from Crap.

2. It tells potential funders what kind of readers On Pasture has so that they know who they’re supporting when they sign on to help us keep On Pasture coming to you every week.

Without this information, it’s harder for us to know if we’re doing what you need us to do, and it’s harder to find the funding to keep on doing it. So we hope you’ll fill out our survey. It’s been tested and it only takes 5 minutes!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your help!

Kathy and Rachel

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  1. you should do more of these videos to explain stuff, especially math!
    Congrats, you made it!!!!

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