An Invitation to Collaborate With On Pasture

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Thanks to your support, On Pasture is what it is today – a source of great, grazing information with over 1800 articles in our archives, AND a community where we learn from each other and the many mistakes we’ve made and the successes we’ve all had along the way.

As we head into our sixth year, we’re inviting you to collaborate with On Pasture to help it grow and continue to meet your needs as you and change. Here are some suggestions for how you can get involved.

1. Take Our Annual Survey

It’s 10 questions and takes just 5 minutes. We ask who you are (farmer/rancher/cattle producer/poultry farmer/agency professional etc.) and what you do with what you read at On Pasture. We use your answers to:

• Figure out what topics we need to cover so that you’re getting what you need from us.
Your answers tell us what’s getting in the way of you being as successful as you’d like to be, and that helps us head out into the world to find the information you need to change that.

• Find the funding to make On Pasture happen every week.
Sponsors want to know a little about you and what you do with the information you get from On Pasture. Your answers help them understand the kind of community they’re supporting when they sign on to keep On Pasture coming every week.

2. Send Us Your Questions and Answers

Do you have a question you’d like the On Pasture Community to weigh in on? Click to send us an email!

Have you noticed the “Reader Question” articles we’ve been sharing? They’re a great way to tap into all the accumulated experience and knowledge in the On Pasture community. We’d love to make this a more regular feature. So send us questions and we’ll pose them to our readers.

If you’ve got an answer to a “Reader Question” you can post it in the comments section, or you can send it to us by email and we’ll post it for you. OR – if you discovered an answer to something that was a problem and you think it would benefit our community, drop us an email, and we’ll work with you to get it out there.

3. Sign Up For the Weekly Email

Every Tuesday morning we send out an email with links to that week’s articles. Having a strong email list also tells our sponsors their support is important.

4. Add Your Event to the On Pasture Calendar

It’s free, it’s easy. It helps On Pasture readers keep up with all the great events available, and it attracts new readers who discover not just events, but great information too. Click here to check out events on the calendar. Click here to add your event.

5. Be an On Pasture Supporter or Sponsor

We haven’t put up a paywall because we want this information to get to everyone who needs it. But that doesn’t mean it’s free. To keep On Pasture coming we need your support as part of the required match for our Conservation Innovation Grant, and for other grants we apply for. If you can help, please do.

If you’re part of a Grazing Association, Cooperative, Conservation District, Cattleman’s Association or any organization whose member benefit from On Pasture, suggest they become a sponsor. Or share your ideas for potential sponsors with Rachel and we’ll make the connection and build a partnership.

We have some other ideas for collaborating to help On Pasture grow but we’ll stop with this list and add more later. We bet you have some ideas too. We’d love to hear them if you’d like to drop us a line! On Pasture is all about what works for you!

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and Rachel

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