Dangerous Geese and Roosters

Last week we reminded you that livestock are more dangerous than mountain lions and gave you some signs that show you when you're in danger. Now, here's a video to save you from geese and roosters.

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2 thoughts on “Dangerous Geese and Roosters

  1. I find these videos very disturbing as the people, especially those doing the recording, do not understand how dangerous these situations are. It looks all cute until someone gets hurt and the emotional scarring is tremendous.

  2. I had a Gander killed by a fox but not before he wounded the fox badly enough to kill him! It was like a bullet hole between his eyes so indeed be careful. I also now a farmer who was killed by one of his rams. He tripped and fell and the ram, not used to the farmer lying on the ground, smashed his skull and killed him. Also know of a young lady showing her bull, she was in the pen with him and he put his head down for the usual scratch she gave him and she was crushed and killed between him and the side of the pen.

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