The Easiest Way to Monitor for Tracking Pasture and Rangeland Changes

Spring is a great time to set up pasture monitoring. All you need is your smart phone, maybe a shovel or fence post from the back of your truck, and the willingness to take a picture and email it to yourself and you've become a monitoring master! Here's how, from August of 2017. Enjoy! Would you like to have concrete proof of your management successes? Would you like to be able to identify management strategies that did or did not work? For most of us the answer is "Yes!" But we often don't have that proof or the information we need because it requires monitoring, and when we think of monitoring, we think of tedious counting, or weighing and measuring, all of which are something most of us don't have the inclination to do, let along the time to spend. On the other hand, most of us today are walking around with the perfect monitoring tool in our pocket or purse - it's that smartphone you use to take pictures of your family, friends, pets and tasty meals. If we just add "repeat photo monitoring" to the ways we use it, we'll have the info we need to be able to say, "Yeah! That worked!" or "Hmmm.....I need to do something a little differently there." Repeating your photo at the same site on an ongoing basis allows you to use the photo to analyze and demonstrate what your management has done. It solves the problem of relying on our memories, which often only capture the very best or the very worst. It can be the basis for making decisions as varied as livestock movement

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One thought on “The Easiest Way to Monitor for Tracking Pasture and Rangeland Changes

  1. I like the way your thinking. Except instead of using a smartphone I use my game camera. It can be set up to take pictures (or movies) at whatever interval you want. This way you don’t have to use manpower to monitor it, just pull the memory card and upload it to your computer. Also, the camera is a lot cheaper and weather proof.

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