Six Steps That Will Make You Money On Your Farm

In April, when I was at the “Our Farms, Our Future” conference, I had a “straw that broke the camel’s back” moment. For years I’ve heard from farmers and ranchers how little money they make. But at the conference, sitting in a room of about 1000 people, listening to a panel of young farmers say they couldn’t make a living farming and that farming should be considered public service….well something snapped. I decided I had to do something to change the conversation.

Maybe it was that I’d met Charlotte Smith earlier that day. Greg Judy walked me over to meet her. He said that Charlotte had a lot to offer to help On Pasture grow as a business, and to help our readers and their businesses. He made the introductions and “Bang!” we were off!

Meet Charlotte Smith – outstanding in her field! 🙂


Charlotte is really enthusiastic about sharing ideas that can make folks’ operations more profitable. Within about ten minutes she’d given me a lot of ideas about things we can do at On Pasture to ensure we have the funding to keep us running for the long term. And ten minutes after that she’d laid out a whole list of things that On Pasture readers could use to improve their profitability, from charging a fair price for their products, to attracting the right customers.

There were lots of people waiting to talk to Charlotte, so we exchanged contact information with a plan to put together a series of articles and opportunities for On Pasture readers. And now, just a little over a month later, we’re sending information out to you.

So here’s the bottom line. The whole purpose of On Pasture has been to help more folks make a better living. We’ve addressed ways to do that with grazing management, understanding how your forage works, and ways to manage livestock. Now we’re going to give you steps you can use right now to start down a path to making more money.

I hope you’ll check out Charlotte’s articles this week and next. Her first series covers steps to take now that will make you more money. It’s called, “Greg Judy Says, “This Is The BEST Marketing Advice I’ve Heard” because that’s exactly what Greg told me when he introduced me to Charlotte. I hope you’ll write questions and “Yeah Buts” in the comments section. I hope you’ll tell On Pasture and Charlotte what you need to go from zero to 70 in no time flat. We’re doing our best to help, and we can do better with your input.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. After talking to Charlotte, I ran over to several young farmers and speakers at the conference to share Charlotte’s contact information. I hope you’re reading this now and that we can work together to make things better for us all!

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  1. A strong young man came to help me clear brush and trees from hayfield edges yesterday. I paid him with a cheque (“check” in U.S.A.) but it turns out that he wanted meat from our beef cattle. He had previously bought some cuts to try out and wants more.

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