Let’s Not Just Talk About Making Money – Let’s Do It!

We’re doing something new here at On Pasture. After years of conversations about how hard it is to make a living as a farmer/rancher, we want to do something about it. And that’s why we’re working with Charlotte Smith at 3 Cow Marketing.

Farmers and ranchers have to have a whole host of skills in order to be successful. We need to know how the natural world works – how grass grows and water flows. We need to know how to manage our livestock so that we make wise use of our land and resources. And we need to have the business savvy to make it all pay.

Our success is limited by whichever skill we haven’t yet mastered, and for a lot of us it’s that last part about making money.

Here at On Pasture, we’ve mostly focused our first 5 years of articles on the workings of the natural world and how to manage livestock and grass. I guess we thought that monetary success would just follow – but maybe not. Doing the same old thing over and over and expecting different results doesn’t seem like a wise course. So let’s start talking about making money!

Why Charlotte?

Click here to read more about “When Kathy Met Charlotte” and why we’re working together.

Greg Judy introduced me to her because he said she’d done the best presentation on marketing he’d ever heard and he thought she could help On Pasture and our readers.

What she talked about is the tools she used to make her own farm a success when she was starting it from scratch – the same tools she’s shared with 1,000 other farmers who have said it made all the difference to their profitability. As one farmer says in this week’s article, once she’d identified her dream customer, “We sold more in 6 weeks than we did in 6 months!

We’re Doing This With You!

As editors and publishers of On Pasture, we’re pretty good at finding and getting articles to you. But we could use some more business savvy. So we’ll be learning right along with you and figuring out how to ensure that On Pasture has a sustainable future. You’ll be seeing some new things from us in the future, and as part of our community, we’ll be asking for your feedback.

So – check out this week’s article from Charlotte, and then stay tuned for more. We’re working on a way that we can all work directly with Charlotte to improve our farms/ranches and On Pasture’s ability to be profitable into the future.

Thanks for reading!


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