Here Are Grazing Resources at Your Fingertips

It’s the annual Summer Break at On Pasture. Kathy is out of the office through July 10. So while she’s gone, here are some great ways to find all the information you need.

This week is the annual On Pasture summer break. But I haven’t left you with nothing to read. There are almost 2,000 articles in our library and they’re at your fingertips, 24 hours a day!

Find What You’re Looking For

Check out “Sections” in the menu bar.

Here’s where you can find articles by category. Just hover over the word “Sections” and then choose from the drop down menu. Like this:

As an example, check out this week’s Livestock post – Everything Sheep!

Visit “Special Collections”

This is where we’ve gathered links to articles that are part of a series, and put together lists of some of the most read articles so you can find them quickly. This might be especially helpful for beginning farmers and ranchers, who have asked for a way to find what they need more easily.


Find Articles by Author

Here’s how you can find folks who write for On Pasture, and all the articles by a particular person. Hover over “Contact” in the menu bar. Select “Staff” from the drop down menu, and Ta Da! You’ll see all of On Pasture’s authors. Below each person is a list of their five most recent articles. To see all the articles by that author click on “View All.”

Use the Search Tool

See that little magnifying glass up in the right hand corner of the menu bar? Hover over that and when it opens, you can type in what you’re looking for. Hit return and see what comes up.

Write to Kathy

Still having trouble finding what you need? Drop me a line. If we need to add an article, I’ll get on it! Just keep in mind that I’m out of the office through July 10 for On Pasture’s annual summer break. I’ll get back with you when I return!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Need something to think about for the week? How about the Grazier’s Vow? Don Ashford has some ideas about a philosophy we all might subscribe to. We’d love to see what you’d add to it!

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