Can You Trample Your Way to Success?

This week's Classic by NatGLC comes to us from July of 2013. It's a message well worth taking another look at. “Graziers need to get beyond the paralyzing paradigm of wasting grass if we want to be truly sustainable.” Those are the words of Ian Mitchell-Innes, a South African farmer, philosopher, punster, and no-nonsense, world renowned educator of grazing farmers, and wanna-be graziers all over the planet. On this particular day he was speaking at a Grazing Workshop held at the Larsen Farm in Wells, Vermont.  He was sharing his philosophy that success means capturing solar energy and using it to feed cattle, and then leaving ungrazed, trampled forage to feed the soil. "We are in the energy business:  Energy is money, money is energy, and time is money,"  Mitchell-Innes says. "One day we will be recognized for our organic matter building capability by consumers around the world and be justly paid for sequestering carbon” His timing was spot on for those hearing his blunt words.  As I travel around the state, and visit with farmers seeking to develop a good grazing system or improve the one they have, I find this is one of the most difficult of concepts to get rearranged in the mind.  There is a lot of fretting going on about “a

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