Your Phone and Some Cow Poop Can Tell You How Nutritious Your Forage Is

As you head into winter, you might be wondering if your stockpile is nutritious enough for your cattle. From August of 2017, here's how to figure out what you've got without actually sending the forage to a lab: Use the FREE Cow Poop Analyzer with your smart phone! Don't have a smart phone? Read on scroll down to just below the fourth picture where you'll find a link to give you what you need to figure it out a less techie way. The "Cow Poop Analyzer" is a free app, that uses comparison photos to tell you what your cattle manure says about the nutritional value of what they're eating. It lets you take a picture of a manure pile, and then compare your picture to file photos. Each file photo comes with an estimate for the crude protein and digestibility you can expect from your forage based on the quality of the manure. Even better, you can add a title and pasture name to the automatically dated record. Then you'll have a history of forage quality in your pastures over time. Using the App is easy: 1. Click on "Create New Record" 2. Allow the app to use your Smartphone's camera 3. Take a picture of the poop. 4. If you like the picture, click "Use Photo" and if you don't click "Retake." 5. When you click "Use Photo" a screen will come up comparing your photo to stock photos. The first picture that comes up isn't necessarily a match. You'll need to use your finger to slide from one photo to the next until you find one that most closely matches your photo. Then yo

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      Megan didn’t know that that the app had disappeared from Google play store. She’s on travel right now but will check into it when she gets back.

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