On Pasture is Hosting a Free Profitable Farmer Webinar This Friday!

Last May I hosted the first ever webinar with Charlotte Smith. With about 800 people participating, it was a huge success. BUT…not everyone who wanted to participate got the chance.

So we’re doing it again!

I’m hosting Charlotte Smith this
Friday, September 21 2018 at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT!

3 Steps to Build Your Profitable Farm

Register Here!

Yes! You’ll get to see me live and (almost) in person!

Charlotte will be covering the same information she presented that made Greg Judy give her rave reviews.

I first met Charlotte at the SARE conference in St. Louis in April of 2018. Greg Judy introduced me to her saying she had the best marketing advice he’d ever heard. He thought she had a lot to offer On Pasture and its readers. Within about ten minutes of meeting her, I thought so too.

When I got home, I checked out her website and I found a wealth of great information. I even took one of her free courses “How to Create Facebook Posts That Sell.” In less than an hour I understood more about how Facebook operates, and what I need to do to be successful, than I’d known in the 5 years I’ve been posting. I started on another of them and instantly had something I could do to improve the On Pasture website. I was psyched!

So I called her right away and asked her what she and On Pasture could do together to help our community. The result was the first free webinar as well as articles including: “Greg Judy Says, “This is the best marketing advice I’ve ever heard.” – Part 1 and Great Marketing Advice Part 2: Three Steps That Will Get New Customers to Your Farm and others that you can read here.

What Does the Masterclass Cover?

Charlotte will be presenting the same information Greg Judy heard that resulted in his great recommendation. You’ll learn:

• The #1 reason you’re losing customers (and how to change this immediately)

• The most effective marketing strategy that will have customers lined up & ready to buy

• Why Facebook + Instagram are NOT the place to sell your products (learn how they are essential, however)

• How to keep customers coming back week-after-week to your farm store

• How to build long-lasting relationships with dream customers

And what I like most is that you don’t have to become a salesperson to be successful. Actually, most of the Charlotte’s farmers feel introverted and hate the idea of “selling.” So that’s something I find really attractive about all this.

Why I Like This

First, I really hate talking about a problem over and over without doing anything about it. So instead of just talking about how we as producers can make a living, I wanted to do something about it. So here you go!

Next, Charlotte is just the mentor I’ve always imagined – someone who has walked down the path of creating a successful farm for herself and her family, and is happy to share how I can use those tools for myself. I don’t have to search every where on the web, and read through all kinds of stuff. She’s right there and she has answers that I can use. That’s why I’m excited about this opportunity. And I’m also excited because I really want all the On Pasture readers to be successful. If I can help you with that, I’m tickled.

So, join me this Friday, won’t you? And register even if you can’t attend in person. (The webinar will be recorded and every person who registers will also receive a link to the recording that will be available for a week after the event so you can watch when it’s convenient.

Come on! Let’s do this together!


Register Here!

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