Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Did you know that football has been part of Thanksgiving since 1876?! It was a day that everyone had off, so they could go to the game.
For all of our international readers, this Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S. It’s a celebration of the harvest, and a time to count our blessings and thank everyone who contributed to all the good things in our lives. It’s celebrated with a roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, corn on the cob – because that’s what the pilgrims ate at the first Thanksgiving – with different additions depending on what part of the country you live in. It’s accompanied by parades, football games, and for the past few years, crazy Holiday shopping hours with BIG SALES.

I am really grateful for Thanksgiving this year. I’ll  be spending it with my husband, Peter, who’s been helping a lot with On Pasture lately, my Mom and Dad, who are a really healthy 82 and 84, and some good friends from Colorado. I’m planning on a quiet day of good food, a walk, and some time to take a deep breath and just not worry.

I worry a lot and I’m darn good at it.

When it comes to On Pasture I worry about you. Are you doing ok out there? Am I giving you the information you’re looking for? Do you like the email newsletters, or is there a better way to do them? (More about that below!)

And how will I pay for On Pasture to keep on happening every week?

That last worry – paying for On Pasture – well a whole bunch of you have stepped forward to make sure we make the $15,000 match to the grant that keeps On Pasture online. We’re just $2,695 from our mark. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I so appreciate you all putting it there to shine for me!

I am very grateful for your support!

You’ve taken a big worry off my plate. Worrying about the rest? Well, it’s just part of what keeps me working hard to make sure I’m serving the On Pasture community as best I can.

I hope you’re doing well out there on the other side of the internet. And if there’s something I can do better, feel free to drop me a line. I’m always open to suggestions!

Thank you for reading and for giving! Have a restful and happy Thanksgiving!


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